Back in the dark ages when Photoshop was only 1.0, we used good lighting and black & white images to similar effect.

PhD Candidate, Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, University of Sydney

I am interested in how the values and beliefs people (unconsciously) bring about themselves to collaboration influences the communication intention, content and outcomes of group discussions. My experience of group work in higher education has led me to a deep and focused analysis of interactions by international students, specifically those who are native Mandarin speakers. In my doctoral degree, my aim is to test whether my initial findings around cultural framing and discussion trajectory are generalisable through broader research.

I think my research can develop systems to help learners and instructors see and hear how modifying elements of their communication strategy makes their work in teams more productive, and results in better quality decisions.

While my other research hobbies are around trans/post-humanism and identity (I am fascinated by what might be observable by analysis of learner data emerging from technology-enabled learning spaces, the Quantified Self movement and the Internet of Things), I also have comprehensive experience across the higher education landscape.

I am intensely curious about and fascinated by all the ways in which we use technology (or how it uses us) and how it shapes our personal, cultural and global environments. After work, my secret passion is how technologies like CPCC and transhumanism will change our deepest neurological beliefs: what we think we know, how we come to know that, and what we then do with that knowledge.

Discussions about ways of knowing have been going on since a scroll was cutting-edge technology (Aristotle’s Three Types (four really) of Knowledge, + Wikipedia on Gnosis) We are on the edge, and always have been and always will be, of a technological revolution which will challenge and change everything.


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