Noticeboard cleaned up for the new year
I’m hearing now the world “disruption” in relation to learning and teaching, used in the same way that last year we heard “innovation”, and before that, “agility”. It is as if by using a word that connotes change we will achieve that change, and yet a culture of pseudo-certainty makes […]


If you haven’t heard the term gamification applied to learning experiences you may want to move out from under that rock. While the evidence of effective pedagogical use of games or game-like features is still emergent, education is looking for new ways to engage a generation of learners used to highly visual and […]

Game On

my grade: 66/100
After checking every known university system every day from submission + 2 weeks, today I found my Research Proposal had achieved 66/100. While not the absolute nadir of my academic efforts, it’s very close. I loved this course, and it was taught with a learning design I 100% support and […]

Route 66