designing for learning

If you haven’t heard the term gamification applied to learning experiences you may want to move out from under that rock. While the evidence of effective pedagogical use of games or game-like features is still emergent, education is looking for new ways to engage a generation of learners used to highly visual and […]

Game On

I introduce structure to activities to pace and engage, but prefer the script to remain loose and conversational in both the traditional and the Laurillard senses. Affordance Compass is designed to be presented/played with a group of around 20, most of whom have an idea about the principles of learning […]

affordance compass – the game

Gale Parchoma’s Contested Ontology of Affordances was an epic read, ranging over a landscape so broad I struggled to grasp the bigger picture. There are so many inter-related / overlapping ideas and contradictions that I wondered whether others would also find it challenging. And because I was presenting this very deep, […]

affordance compass